Custom Furniture/Mill Shop

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Maui is located thousands of miles from the nearest large manufacturing site and freight is at an all time new high. For some designers this could be a depressing situation but Freestyle Design knows that for today’s savvy customers providing personalized products, designed for their lifestyle often times requires more than catalogues of ready-made furnishings from the Mainland or China. When those special needs arise our team of craftsmen are ready to build the most simplistic of pieces to beautiful exotic doors and home furnishings. Why settle for the BIG BOX lumber companies non-American-made mill works? Freestyle Designs' team utilizes local artists and local Hawaiian wood species and/or the finest mainland wood selections.

Personalization of ready-made products adds another dimension to our menu of customization.  Our teams of experts are sure to create the perfect pieces for you with tricks of the trade such as furniture embellishments, hand painting, and specialized upholstery treatment s to name just a few.  Don’t settle for average when perfect could be a phone call away.