Project Management

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What does a Project Manager Do?
Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor/Control, Close.

Why do I need a Project Manager?
Management of Cost, Time and Quality.

Who is represented?
The Client.

Responsibilities: Provide specific stated project objectives. Clear attainable objective and managing the triple constraints for the projects: Cost, Time and Quality.

Freestyle Designs has established high standards of moral and ethical practices for all vendors and affiliates which is reflected in the final product the home owner receives. The success of a project is not only based on the creative ideas going in and the fabulous products utilized but the resolution of obstacles, manpower management and product readiness for timely installations. To achieve the effective resolution knowledge and training in 9 areas are essential.

•    Project Scope Management
•    Project Time Management
•    Project Cost Management
•    Project Quality Management
•    Project Human Resource Management
•    Project Communication Management
•    Project Risk Management
•    Project Procurement