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Wailuku Interior Designers
Wailuku Interior Designers
Wailuku Interior Designers
Wailuku Interior Designers

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Interior Designs
for Restaurants
in Wailuku

If you’re a restaurant owner, an architect, visual merchandiser, or brand manager, then you know how important it is for your commercial property look its finest, especially when it comes to dining.

Freestyle Designs Maui offers creative and professional interior design ideas along with practical applications that are developed to meet any retail restaurant business objective.

Interior Design Can Improve Your Business

Our design experts know exactly what is required to enrich the dining experience of your clients through the harmonizing of lighting, décor, space planning, furnishings, fabric, texture and color that enhances your image or recreates it entirely. Wailuku patrons want to have a memorable experience, they are paying for a meal and they expect the service to be above par and for their surroundings to reflect this. With the amount of visibility social media has created, it is becoming increasingly easier for a customer to either make or break a business. All it takes is one photo and your reputation can be ruined or elevated to great heights.

If you have a beautifully designed restaurant it is sure to find its way to the top of the internet’s most trendy and stylish places to go list. However, if your restaurant is outdated, non-functional or lacking in looks; no matter how good the food or service is; you’ll likely be labelled a dive online. This can potentially threaten your livelihood because you will end up with a demographic that has less money to spend.

A number of things can drive clients away, from uncomfortable seating and splintered, unstable tables to poor lighting and awkwardly placed tables. Your restaurant needs to work in harmony with its space and we can help you in achieving that!

Exceptional Dining Ambience

The interior design of any business in Wailuku plays a significant role in ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty. Freestyle Designs Maui is experienced at creating an ambience that will not only attract customers to your restaurant, but keep them coming back for more.

From balanced overhead lighting that sets the mood you wish to convey, to furnishings and color that reflect your brand image, Freestyle Designs Maui coordinates interior design projects from the outset while carefully managing your budget. The end results are an interior restaurant design that stimulates business and attracts new clients in Wailuku.

Make your restaurant a hot spot by offering something fresh and new on the dining scene in Wailuku. Freestyle Designs Maui provides cutting edge design and can create the perfect setting with services that include:

  • Design concepts, sketches and scaled blueprints
  • Detailed space and lighting planning
  • Product sourcing for furnishings, art, and accessories
  • Access and liaison with reputable suppliers and contractors
  • Budget and cost management
  • Complete or partial design project management